The Benefits Of Internet Time Card Online Employee Time Tracking

1. Internet Time Card imposes online employee time trackcing in the workplace

Employers are faced with employees coming and going. We expect employees to come to work on time and work their entire shift. It's not that clear anymore. Employers don't know where they employees are. Internet Time Card brings order to the workplace by having a single online time keeping system for all employees. It imposes a fair and impartial system that forces employees to take control of their time keeping.

2. Internet Time Card keeps accurate time keeping records for very little additional work

A responsible employee needs a complete, accurate time keeping history. Once your employees have their usernames and passwords they control the time keeping. Employees can now log in and out of the system. As they do, they build a complete set of time keeping records as they work. Since most of the work is done, there is little left to do. All you need to do is log on before the pay period, make a quick review of the records, and output payroll. It only takes a few minutes. In return you get complete, detailed, verifiable time keeping history.

3. Internet Time Card controls employees from overstating their hours worked

We've seen every trick there is. Many times employees will test a system seeing how much they can get away with. Maybe they round up their quitting time, leaving at 3:30 and reporting they left at 4:00. As this behavior isn't stopped, it becomes accepted. Most employees are accurate but there is always one or two who test the system. Internet Time Card exposes and stops to this behavior. It records start and end times exactly. The system marks these times to the minute.

4. Internet Time Card provides discipline so you can be a good guy

No employer wants to discipline employees. Constantly nagging employees is demeaning to the employee, creates tension in the workplace, and leads to bad feelings. However, if you don't "get on" employees, you can't correct the behavior. Internet Time Card disciplines the employee so you don't have it. It gives the employer a chance. It levels the playing field. You don't need to "get on" anyone. Employees work their hours or not get paid. The employee is responsible for their short check. It's the system, not you personally.

5. Internet Time Card creates detailed time keeping records in case you get audited

Keeping track of employee time manually is not easy. Employees aren't at their desk all the time. It is hard to tell exactly what they are doing. Internet Time Card creates detail time keeping records the moment you start using it. Should a payroll dispute arise, you have detailed records to back you up. If you are accused of underpaying employees for example, you have the records to prove it. Internet Time Card does not lose in labor disputes.

6. Internet Time Card keeps you safe with regulatory agencies

In today's complicated, busy, litigious society it helps to have the law on your side. In one case an employee begged to be paid overtime because she needed the money. The company made an exception to get the employer paid. Then the employee brought suit against the company for inaccurate time keeping. When it comes to employee pay, you must to be accurate, detailed, and keep records. Labor boards expect it. Internet Time Card keeps accurate payroll history. It records employee start times, end times, and annotates they underlying payroll records documenting any special treatment of employees. Internet Time Card records are the perfect answer to employee payroll issues.

7. Internet Time Card is fair and impartial to everyone

Employee pay is an emotional issue. Employees invest their time in exchange for pay. Of all business areas, employee pay is the most emotionally charged and prone for misunderstandings. Internet Time Card is a fair and impartial time keeping system that records the activity of everyone. Time keeping and pay is not subjective. It is the lack of an accurate system that makes it so. When you implement Internet Time Card you document exactly when people come to work and when they leave. It's like the "eye in the sky" in the casino. It records everything so if a misunderstanding arises you have the records to go back to. Once you review the records, the misunderstanding is averted.