The Perfect Time Clock For The Modern Workplace

How can Internet Time Card control my rising payroll cost?

Internet Time Card is an online time clock. Your employees are given usernames and passwords. They are given instructions to "mark their time" by logging in and out of the system. As they do this, they can see their time build up in the system. Internet Time Card shifts the responsibility of employee behavior away from you onto the employee. Employees become responsible for their behavior as they now get paid for the hours they are at work. Internet Time Card is a fair and accurate time keeping system.

How can I implement Internet Time Card at my company?

Implementing Internet Time Card is super-easy. Here are the steps:

1. Sign up for your free trial.

2. Log into the system.

3. Setup your employees in the system giving each a unique username and password.

4. Instruct employees to login in the morning prior to starting work.

From this point forward your employees will use the system to control their time at work. Employees learn quickly once they see how the system works. When you use Internet Time Card you'll find that your employees are at work more while your payroll cost go down.

How does Internet Time Card track time on the job?

Internet Time Card stamps the time exactly like a time clock. Employees cannot edit time at work. Employees have to be physically at their desk to mark their time.

Can employees see everyone's time records

No. Employees can only see only their time card records. The time card administrator has a global view of everyone's payroll records. Employees can only see their pay records.

What is to stop an employee from logging in from their house?

Internet Time Card records the IP address when users log in. If they log in from their home you will see it immediately. There is no way employees can trick the system by logging in this way.

What if one employee logs another employee in?

Internet Time Card uses a real-time IN-OUT board as its starting screen. If one employee logs in another employee, that employee shows up on the IN-OUT board as being at work. A quick phone call to the employee's desk reveals they're not at work. In all the years and hundreds of businesses I have never seen an employee vouch for another employee this way. It's too risky for the employee as they are literally putting their job on the line when they engage in this behavior.

What if an employee forgets to log out at the end of the work day?

Of all the time keeping ploys "not logging out at the end of the day" is the most common. The idea, from the employee's perspective, is to interject doubt as to exactly when they left work. Not logging out at the end of the day usually means "I left early but want to claim a full day's pay." With Internet Time Card this behavior is reigned in because the employee needs to go to the time card administrator the following day to get a valid time stamp to end the previous workday. This excuse may work once but soon the employee realizes it's easier to stay then to face the time card administrator the next day.

Should I cut Internet Time Card in at the beginning of a pay period?

Internet Time Card is not a difficult system. We recommend starting in the middle of the pay period in a trial mode. This gives you and your employees a week to get familiar with the system. When the next pay period starts you can start tracking time and payroll for real.

Does Internet Time Card keep accurate historical records?

Internet Time Card records everything from the moment you start using it. Every start time from every employee is recorded. Payroll records are annotated. Internet Time Card saves complete, accurate time keeping records beyond anything you could do manually.

What if an employee disputes their pay?

We have had several cases where employees have taken their employer to the labor board on a payroll dispute. Internet Time Card has won every time. Internet Time Card records all payroll activity. You can easily pull reports from the past. It is very hard to argue with facts. We always win disputes because you can prove exactly when the employee was working.

What if an employee runs an errand on behalf of the company and is not physically at their desk to log in?

In a case like this you want to make an adjustment to the payroll record. Have the employee log in when they get to work. You, as the timecard administrator make an adjustment to the payroll record for that day. Add 60 minutes for example, and include a note that the employee ran an errand. This is superior to modifying their login time because it reflects what actually happened. The goal is to build accurate time keeping records in case a dispute comes up later.

Can I tell if my workers are on the job from my house?

Yes. The Internet Time Card has an IN-OUT board built in. You can see your company roster at a glance including who is at work and when they logged in. IN-OUT board is real-time.

Our employees aren't in one office. Will Internet Time Card work from multiple locations?

Yes, absolutely. Internet Time Card works over the Internet. It works everywhere. If you use outside contractors for example, it doesn't matter to the system. It's the same with multiple offices. Internet Time Card is not dependent upon physical location. It works the same whether your employees are in the same office or in different cities.

Do I need to install software?

No. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial. We will provide you with your username and password. Now you're up and running. Internet Time Card is incredibly easy to use.